arboretum lakes Reentry Guidelines

Welcome Back!
We are all in this together…from six feet apart
The actions below were created to bring a higher level of comfort to occupants as they reenter the office building.  
Top 6 Things you need to know before reentering the building
1 All occupants are mandated to wear a mask in the common areas where 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained per Illinois mandate.
2 If any employee is exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19, report it immediately to the Management Office  at #630-963-1151 or
3 We encourage washing your hands every time you leave and return to your suite.
4 Please practice social distancing throughout the building and your office space.  6 feet apart. 
5 Individual offices must also implement their own strategies within their office space. 
6 If you feel sick, please stay home.
1 High touch areas Continued to be disinfected multiple times throughout the day and evening using Virex or similar disinfectant.
2 Building specifications A supplemental list of new cleaning specifications will be sent under separate cover.
3 Bathrooms Bathrooms will be closed while Day Porter/Matron are in the process of cleaning.  Some urinals have been disabled to ensure distancing
4 Bathrooms Garbage cans will be located at the door to drop your glove or paper towel in after touching the handle.
5 Bathrooms Only use the bathroom on the floor your office is located.  This will help very much with mitigation cleaning if necessary.
6 Water Fountains Temporatily disable until futher notice.
7 Tenant space Upon request, additional deep cleaning or electrostatic spraying is available.  Please contact our office if you would like a quote
8 Tenant space Employees are encouraged to disinfect their own electronics daily including: phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.
9 Tenant space If an employee within a tenant space is diagnosed with COVID-19, a CDC disinfectant cleaning will be required at tenant's cost.
10 Cleaning Solutions Material Safety Data (MSD) sheets for cleaning disinfectants are available upon request.
Social Distancing 
1 All Common Areas As stated, all occupants are mandated to wear a mask in common areas of the building when distancing is not possible. 
2 Elevators Cabs Social distancing signage will be installed as a guideline of allowed occupants in the cab.  It is 2 per cab in most elevators.  
3 Elevator Lobby Hand sanitizing  stations are installed at first floor elevator lobby for use prior to using the call button.
4 Lobby Seating Furniture areas will have table top signage reminding occupants to sit or stand 6 feet apart.
5 Lobby Seating Furniture will be removed or relocated where applicable.
6 Deli Pending Reopening Table top & floor signage will be installed reminding occupants to sit or stand 6 feet apart.
7 Deli Chairs have been removed to accommodate only 1 person per table
8 Deli Deli operators are updating their service protocols and will be shared under separate cover.  Will remain closed until building population increases to a sustainable amount.
9 Management Office Safe space screens installed at reception desk.
10 Conference Rooms Open to 10 people or less practicing 6 foot social distancing, please reserve on Angus Work Order Software.
11 Stairwells Signage  installed indicating single direction foot traffic. 
12 Outdoor areas Please ensure you are properly social distancing outdoors.
13 Fitness centers Will remain closed temporarily and we will send correspondence in conjunction with the Lifestart management team.
Vendor Procedures 
1 All deliveries and vendors need to enter building thru the loading dock and follow sign in procedures and posted rules and regulations
2 All vendors and contractors must use the freight elevators where applicable.
3 All delivery people and vendors are required to wear a mask in common areas.
4 Revised rules & regulations have been sent to all building vendors and posted in the loading dock.
5 Any vendor working in the building displaying symptoms will be thermal scanned for temperature and/or sent home.
Building Staff Procedures
1 Engineers  Wear a mask and safety glasses at all times and gloves when necessary.
2 Engineers  Equipped with touchless body temperature thermometer.
3 Engineers  Equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant to clean surfaces after work is completed.
4 Engineers  Non-essential work orders will be completed during the office space lowest occupancy time.
5 Management Team Wear mask at all times when in common areas.
6 Management Team As often as possible, will collaborate virtually.
7 Day Porter Wear mask throughout the building and gloves when applicable.
8 All Building Staff Before entering any tenant space, all building staff is instructed to wear a mask.
Engineering & Operational Controls
1 HVAC Perform a building purge every morning, when possible, by bringing in 100% outside air and exhausting to exchange air at the start of each business day.
2 HVAC Increase outside air minimum percentages by 10% during mechanical cooling where possible.
3 HVAC All filters to be upgraded to MERV 13 or greater where possible.
4 Elevator Hand sanitizer stations on first floor elevator lobby. Please apply sanitizer before touching call button or use stylus.
6 Elevator As noted, stairwells are open for floor access.
7 Elevator Cabs will marked on the floor for total number of occupants allowed per distancing guidelines.  
8 Loading Dock Hand sanitizer stations are provided, signage will be posted requiring each vendor to use sanitizer before entering building.
1 Tenants Please provide these guidelines to all employees and assist us with enforcing the new procedures.
2 Tenants Immediate response and notification is critical if an employee is reported ill.
3 Tenants Report any tenant contact changes or updates to the management office.
4 Landlord Immediate response and notification is critical when a reported exposure or confirmed COVID case is made known.
5 Landlord Full transparency and details will be communicated without violating HIPAA laws.
6 Landlord Millbrook Properties developed these guidelines using credible sources in an effort to provide the most current and accurate information.  These guidelines can change with time and changes in policy of governmental authorities.  
Key Assumptions and Information
1 Millbrook Properties will not conduct health screening or thermal scans on individuals entering the building.
2 The use of non-medical face masks in public has been demonstrated to assist in reducing viral spread from asymptomatic individuals.
3 Processes and procedures in office buildings will vary, our efforts may change as tenants and their employees start to reenter the workplace.
4 Tenants will likely bring workers back to the office gradually.
5 Properly dispose of all PPE in receptacles.
6 The size of elevator cabs eliminates the ability to meet physical distancing protocols without limiting passengers to one or two people. 
7 These best practices will be most successful if each tenant implements their own plan.
8 Scientific research to date is not definitive on the effectiveness of implementing additional technologies in HVAC and Water Systems to reduce risks related to COVID-19.
9 The closest COVID testing site to this office building is in Aurora at the Premium Outlet Mall.  
*Tenant Space Specific Return to Work Guidelines
1 Sick Policy Ensure you have a clear policy to prohibit sick workers from entering the premises and a clear communication plan to address positive cases.
2 Phased occupancy Adopt a phased-in approach to return to work.
3 Employee Screening Determine if you will implement health screening and the roles and responsibilities for the protocol.
4 Cleaning Evaluate and communicate internal cleaning protocols. (i.e. breakrooms, copier/printers, conference rooms)
5 Communication Confirm employee contact info including emergency contact. Implement a clear and frequent communication plan through return to work phases.
6 Welcome back package Develop a return to work package that outlines landlord and internal protocols.
7 Density Provide extra space by reconfiguring desks and installing barriers in workstations.
8 Social Distance Develop a protocol for movement within your space.
9 PPE Encourage or mandate PPE 

* Source BOMA International