COvid-19 call checklist

1. Name and contact information of person reporting confirmed case (email and phone)?


2. Where does the infected person work?


3. When did they start feeling poorly and when were they diagnosed?


4. Do you know of any common areas they visited (vending areas, restrooms, etc.)?


5. Did they visit any of the other buildings?


6. Did they use any of the amenities (fitness center, delis, or conference rooms)?


7. What entrances and exits do they normally use?


8. Do they use the elevators or stairs?


9. Where do they typically park?


10. Have you contacted the CDC or any other government authority?


11. Have you sought cleaning assistance?


12. Do you know of any of the other employees of the suite that have sought medical attention or are symptomatic?




























Access printable pdf version here: COVID-19 Call Checklist