Parking Garage

Arboretum Lakes offers 3 Multi-level Parking Garages for our tenants at the 801, 901, and 1011 Warrenville Road buildings.

Boasting 701 total parking spots between the Executive, Mid, and Roof levels, the 801 Warrenville Road offers covered stairwells and a heated walkway to the 801 building on the Executive level.

Offering a total of 452 parking spots, the 901 Warrenville Road Garage offers 2 levels, with the Executive level being gated and offering a heated walkway to the 901 building.

With a total 441 parking spots, the 1011 Warrenville Road Garage offers a gated Executive Level as well as an open roof top level. The Executive level offers a heated walkway between the Garage and the 1011 Building.